History of Kuala Lumpur Branch

The Shorinji Kempo Kuala Lumpur Branch was first established in 1997 in a joint effort by Mr Yokoyama, Mr Morinaga and Mr Hosoe. All three original founders are Japanese nationals who have resided in Kuala Lumpur for many years. Mr Morinaga was the first Branch Master of Shorinji Kempo Kuala Lumpur Branch.

In the beginning, many of the early members were fellow Japanese members of the Japan Club, many of whom were already familiar with Shorinji Kempo due to earlier exposure in Japan, or had learned about it through their friends or family.

The Kuala Lumpur branch may be unique in that a significant percentage of its students are children under the age of 13. Their youthful presence helps make class times a fun and entertaining experience! We also have a number of families in the class, with parents and children training together, making the Branch a very family-oriented one.

Though the class was almost entirely Japanese in the beginning, over the years, more and more local Malaysian students have learned about Shorinji Kempo's existence, either through friends in the Kuala Lumpur branch or through other sources and today, local students make up about a quarter of the class.

This is particularly important for the Kuala Lumpur branch as many of our Japanese students are constantly returning to Japan to further their studies, or following their parents to new postings overseas. For example, one of our original founders, Mr Morinaga, returned to Japan a few years after founding the branch, leaving it in the capable hands of Mr Yokoyama and Mr Hosoe; then in 2005, Mr Yokoyama left Malaysia to take up a posting in Vietnam and was succeeded as Branch Master by Mr Hosoe.

On a positive note, even though we do regularly have our Japanese students returning to Japan, we also constantly receive new students, as other Japanese nationals are transferred to Malaysia for work, so we're quite fortunate!

We regularly hold annual demonstrations for our student's parents, so they can see the results of all the hard work the students put in, and we also take part in other events from time to time, to spread more awareness of Shorinji Kempo, or to learn more about it ourselves.

Updated August 2021.