Shorinji Kempo As A Discipline

Shorinji Kempo was established by Doshin So as a physical and mental discipline, a gyo, whose main purpose was to build character. As such, Shorinji Kempo has never been about trying to be the toughest fighter, or learning showy techniques to impress girls. Instead, it is focused on helping each student find within themselves the wisdom, the courage and the ability to become better individuals and worthwhile members of society.

Practically speaking, Shorinji Kempo aims to provide three benefits to its kenshi: self defense, spiritual cultivation and improved health - or in other words, a healthy mind, a healthy body and the ability to act if the need arises:

Even more important than this however, is learning that the best self defense is to never get pushed to the last resort in the first place. This means learning to stay alert (..Oops, dodgy area to be in, better not go any further.."), learning to evaluate each situation accurately ("The bloke waving the knife around might be kidding, but then again, he might not..") and in many cases, just learning to trust your own instincts and common sense ("something's not right, lets not go in").

Updated August 2021.