How To Join

Are you interested in Shorinji Kempo, but aren't sure if you would like to join? You're welcome to first visit us to see if this activity is suited to you. You will then be able to speak to our Branch Master and discuss any concerns or queries you might have about Shorinji Kempo or the classes. You are also welcome to sit in on the class but as a courtesy, please speak with our Branch Master and request his permission to do so.

The youngest age we accept in class is 6 years, but there is no upper age limit to join. In class, we currently have 6-year old children, a sprightly gentleman of 65 and every age in between. Before joining however, you should do an own evaluation of your own physical capabilities to decide whether this is the activity for you.

Once you've made your decision, please speak to our Branch Master and he will provide you with the forms necessary to register you as a student of the Kuala Lumpur Branch under the World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO).


Change in Japan Club Regulations

Please note that the management of Japan Club has changed its regulations to require that all member of activities or clubs based on the premises formally take up membership in Japan Club itself. The change took effect from 1 July 2012.

Membership fees for Japan Club are listed for reference below. Please note that these fees are payable to Japan Club itself, not to Shorinji Kempo Kuala Lumpur Branch. For further details, please contact Japan Club.

Admission Fee RM 150
Refundable Deposit RM 300
Monthly Fee
Individual  RM 50 a month
Family RM 60 a month

Due to the change in regulations, the monthly membership fees for Kuala Lumpur branch (which are separate from those for Japan Club) have been removed to reduce the financial impact on kenshi.

Instead, collections will be held when necessary for purchase of equipment and textbooks, WSKO and Malaysia Shorinji Kempo Federation (MSKF) registration fees, and funding for occasional club activities (dinners, celebrations, etc).

Instruction itself is free - Shorinji Kempo instructors are not paid to teach.

For further details on how to join, you can contact the Branch Master, Mr Hosoe, at h/p: 019 228 0061, or email at hosoe.kyohei[AT]

Updated August 2021.