A typical training session

At the Kuala Lumpur Branch, each class begins with the chinkon session, in which either the Branch Master or a selected kenshi leads the class in reciting the Seiku, Seigan and Shinjo - the Meditation, the Oath and the Creed, respectively.

The chinkon session also includes a short meditative session, when everyone sits cross-legged on the floor and focuses their mind on the Meditation. The chinkon session is meant to allow each kenshi to clear their minds of everything from outside the dojo and to focus their minds on their training.

Following the chinkon, all kenshi go through a warm-up session. The warm-ups may be lead by the Branch Master, or by a selected kenshi. Once the warm-ups are complete, the class is lead through a kihon, or a session of practice the basic elements of Shorinji Kempo techniques - usually the punches, kicks, footwork and bodywork.

For beginners, this is the time when they will be shown new movements and have their movements checked and corrected. For those who have already been training, the kihon is the time for each kenshi to continually check their form and improve their basic fundamentals. Whether you're a beginner or a 6th dan black belt, constantly checking and correcting the basics is as much an important part of the training.

After the kihon, all students train in first goho and juho techniques. The class is divided into smaller groups or pairs, usually by belt grades, to practice these techniques in unison. Usually, the senior grades will instruct the junior grades, as teaching the techniques to others is considered an important part of each kenshi's training. In keeping with the Shorinji Kempo philosophy, all training is done in pairs, and emphasizes cooperative learning and mutual understanding.

Updated August 2021.